CLUCalc/CLUViz is a freely* available software tool for 3D visualizations and scientific calculations that was conceived and written by Dr. Christian Perwass. CLUCalc interprets a script language called ‘CLUScript’, which has been designed to make mathematical calculations and visualisations very intuitive.

Currently CLUViz 6.1 is only available for Windows XP/Vista/7. The file you download installs CLUViz 6.1 on your machine when you execute it. The software package comes with a manual and many examples.

Latest version (06.09.2010) is 6.1.36.

*CLUViz is free for non-commercial use.


BookCover02My book on Geometric Algebra has been available at Springer since  December 2008.

Here you can download a set of CLUScripts that visualize various figures from the book. This allows you to interact with the visualizations directly and look at 3D figures from any perspective you want.


The new version of CLUCalc is contained in the visualization suite CLUViz. CLUViz separates the visualization engine from the CLUScript editor CLUCalc. In this way you can now use the visualization power of CLUCalc from within you own C++ and C# programs. The CLUViz distribution also includes the editor CLUCalc.

CLUCalc v4.3.3 is still available as binaries and source code. CLUViz 6.1 is only available as Windows binary, so far.

CLUViz v6.1 is free for personal and non-commercial use. If you like to include CLUViz in your products, please contact me for details via ‘help_at_clucalc_dot_info’.


Highlights of CLUViz 6.1

Easy creation of interactive visualizations for geometry, physics, human machine interfaces, image processing and more.

Direct programming of shaders from within CLUScripts using the OpenGL shading language, for image processing and fast mathematical calculations.

Run CLUViz visualizations from within your own C++ or C# programs using the CLUViz or CLUVizNET DLL.

Current Version 6.1.36

The file you download is a ZIP-archive. You need to extract the archive to a convenient directory before you can use it. Once unpacked, the CLUScripts generating the various figures of the book, are ordered by chapters.

Last Update 26. March 2010